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Mark. is an Avon company that's designed for the younger demographic.  The products that Mark. sells range from makeup and skincare to hair products and even trendy fashion accessories for girls aged teen through mid to late 30's.  Mark. products have their own trendy look and some unique products such as their "Hook Up" line!  The "Hook Up" products come with their own handy connector to combine two products into one two-sided product for ease of use! The company definitely lives up to the Avon brand name, creating quality products for low and competitve prices.  

Along with Mark. offering products that every young woman wants, they also offer a unique employment opportunity within their company.  Mark. representitives, just like Avon representitives, can make their own hours and their own wages selling the product that they love.  The company gives young women the ability to own their own business and work towards achieving their goals of being a successful women while receiving special discounts and incentives from the company as well.

mark.: What makes it different?
  • Mark. products are different and unique in that they're sold exclusively through their website (or their Magalog, as they call it), although Mark. representitives are given catalogs that they can hand out to their clients or prospective customers.  
  • The products that Mark. sells have their own unique look and definitely cater to the younger demographic that it aims for!  You get absolute high quality products that you expect from the company, but in styles, colors and products that appeal to the high school to college student.  Since this demographic is a large consumer of makeup, fashion and body scents, Mark. really markets well towards their demographic and gets the customer that they want!
  • Their prices are very low, affordable and competitive to any other similar company.  This makes them a better choice when buying cosmetics and fashion!  Mark. prices very well for the customer that they market and aim for.
mark. vs. primary competitors (sites similar to mark.)

Two competitors of Mark. would be Mia Bella Beauty and Mary Kay. These two companies offer quality products for lower prices as well as offering the opportunity to work from home selling cosmetics.  However, Mark. still beats them both for quite a few reasons!

  • The Company Itself

Mia Bella Beauty is a smaller and newer company while Mary Kay is well known and well established in the home party & independent consultant business.  Even though Mia Bella is a smaller company, it is gaining popularity with it's younger clients due to the fact that it's a company that offers great comissions on their products and great products in general!  Mark., however, is part of the Avon brand and to many who have been using Avon products for years, they stand by their favorite product.  Because of it's mother company, Mark. is one of those tried and true brands that will always be a household favorite while Mary Kay comes in second and Mia Bella Beauty comes in third.

  • Products

They all basically sell the same product and Mia Bella Beauty and Mark. are both specifically aimed towards the younger demographic.  Mary Kay has great quality products as well and they do have many younger customers, but they don't specifically market for that demographic.  Mary Kay markets for a very diverse demographic and have an older name that may not appeal to some younger customers.  

When looking at the products that they sell, Mark. probably has the most diverse products with the best quality and the best look.  Their products range from various makeup products to great skincare, hair care for every type of customer and trendy fashions.  Mia Bella and Mary Kay both do not sell apparel, jewelry and handbags as Mark. does.  Mark. is a one stop shop for it's trendy, modern and younger customers.

mark.: Pricing & packages

Comparing prices between Mia Bella Beauty, Mary Kay and Mark. is definitely a no brainer.  Mark. takes the prize for it's low and afforable priced products.  For a younger high school or college student on a limited budget, Mark's $6.00 eye shadow pigments are much lower than Mia Bella's $13.95 eyeshadow pigments or even just slightly lower than Mary Kay's $6.99 eyeshadow pigments.  For a customer of the younger demographic, every penny that they can save counts.  

Even looking at their foundation, which is pivotal in every makeup collection Mark's Mineral Powder foundation comes in at $12, which is a bargain!  Mary Kay's Mineral Powder foundation comes in at $18 while Mia Bella's price comes in at $21.95.  These foundations are made with the same ingredients and are the same high grade quality, Mark. just prices for their customer.

The low prices is what keeps Mark. customers coming back and excited to see the new products they may unveil.  Pricing is important, especially when marketing to younger customers, and Mark. takes the cake on that one.

mark.: Product images & screenshots
mark. Coupons
Get Get Free Shipping with Your $40 Order @ mark.
Get Free Shipping with $40 Order @ mark.
Get Free mark Hook Up Connector With Purchase of Any 2 mark. Hook Up Products @ mark.
mark.: Customer reviews & comments

While Mia Bella and Mary Kay both have their own loyal customers who give glowing reviews about the company, employment opportunity and products, Mark. still has the best reviews of them all.  Mark. offers the best incentives, commisions and products with competitive and affordable prices that towers over the others.

"It really is a great deal for the $20 fee even if you are going to just buy for yourself and a few friends or family members - because you get the straight discount on everything you buy. But I will warn you that most of us reps say we don't make much money, because everything we get goes back into buying more products for ourselves because we like them so much! There come out with new products each month, so you really want to keep adding to your collection to show it off to others." Says SunnyGirl

For a representitive to state that more money goes into buying products for themselves definitely says a lot about the company's quality and the rep's loyalty to their company!

"These reps earn 30% commission on all products that they sell and also gain important real business-world skills, such as time management, marketing, and social networking." Says Seventeen

"Not only do they have a great line of makeup, but they carry a line of Mark makeup brushes are made to compliment the makeup and give you expert results." Says Beauty School

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Get Free Shipping with Your $40 Order @ mark.
Get Free Shipping with $40 Order @ mark.
Get Free mark Hook Up Connector With Purchase of Any 2 mark. Hook Up Products @ mark.