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Drugstore cosmetics are a growing trend in the makeup/beauty industry. As higher priced department store brands are becoming less favorable to their lower priced counterparts Smashbox Cosmetics manages to hold its ground. Smashbox Cosmetics was formed from the creation of Max factor. The popular cosmetic giant, Max factor was founded and created by Maximilian Faktorowicz hence the name Max Factor. Maximilian had several children two of them followed in their father’s footsteps by creating their own cosmetic brand, Smashbox Cosmetics. The brand provides anything from mascara to foundation in a wide variety of colrs that are hard to find at your typical drugstore. Smashbox has managed to stay relevant in an ever competitive industry by providing consumers with quality over quantity. Smashbox Cosmetics outperforms similar drug store brands that are cheaply made and inexpensive . Therefore, people are willing to continuously pay more for an extraordinary product. 

Smashbox Cosmetics: What makes it different?
  • Smashbox provides consumers with a large selection of products to choose from that you would not be able to find at your local drugstore.
  • Smashbox products can be found in department stores, Sephora, Ulta, QVC and any specialty Smashbox store.
  • Smashbox Cosmetics last longer than other drug store brands.
  • Smashbox Cosmetics give users results and quality products.
Smashbox Cosmetics vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Smashbox Cosmetics)

In comparison to drug store brands, Smashbox Cosmetics has a larger selection of colors to choose from. Foundation and concealer are one of the most important components in applying makeup. Applying the wrong shade of foundation can make you appear as though you are wearing a mask. The wrong foundation can also create the two toned affect. This is one of the common foundation mistakes and makes your face a different shade than your neck and the rest of your body. Smashbox cosmetics helps prevent these mistakes from happening with their wide selection. Drug store brands limit you to basic colors that are designed to fit the "average" skin type or skin color. In reality these colors do not work for most women and create mask-like appearances or the two-toned look. If you are still unsure of what colors work best for your skin type you can visit smashbox Cosmetic's online makeup guides or a Smashbox specialty store. In these two areas they will help you pick out which type of foundation, comcealer, lipstick, mascara, etc best suits your preferences and skin type.

Smashbox Cosmetics: Product images & screenshots
Smashbox Cosmetics Coupons
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Smashbox Cosmetics: Detailed review
  • Smashbox acquires and manages to keep many loyal customers due the product's packaging. The brand's cosmetics are known being packaged in a way that makes buyers feel as though they have a sense of worth. This generates the idea that Smashbox believes anyone who buys their products is worth the money so the brand is willing to go the extra mile.
  • Smashbox Cosmetics are also known for their stand against animal testing. Their products are made without the use of of animal testing which is knwon to be a form of cruelty to animals. With this added factor they have managed to gain many customers that are opposed to other cosmetics brands that use animal testing. 
  • Smashbox Cosmetics are sold by a variety of health and beauty retailers such as, Ulta, QVC and Sephora.
  • Smashbox Cosmetics offers buyers a way to acheive looks seen on the red carpet, that are modeled by celebrities on a day to day basis. They offer foundations, concealers that give off a more natural look. The company also offers burlesgue, masquered, and smokey eyeshadow kits that gives off a bolder looks. The massive amount of variety  that Smashbox provides buyers with is part of what makes the products so appealing.
  • One of Smashbox Cosmetics most successful products to date was the Smashbox photo finish primer. This primer is meant to be applied before cocnealer and foundation. Once applied the primer softends, and broghtens up your face. This gives the foundation a canvass and makes your makeup appear flawless and natural once it is complete. Many reviews for this product were overwhelmingly positive. A user by the name of Shop B left a comment on a blog called Megsmakeup. She commented on her experience with the Photo finish product stating " In fact, I even experimented by not using my usual shine-control product in the morning and just using Photo Finish... worked better than what I had been using. So I'll be chucking that old product and sticking with my new Photo Finish".
  • People continue to purchase this product because it delivers results. Smashbox highlights the idea that consumers should no longer spend a few dollars on a product that will not deliver the desired or promised results.
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Get $10 off $50+ Order @ Smashbox Cosmetics
Get Free Primer & Lashes Duo on orders of $40 or more @ Smashbox Cosmetics
Get Free Eye Shadow in 24K when you spend $40 or more. @ Smashbox Cosmetics
Get a Free Travel-Size Eye Liner Duo with your purchase of $40 or more. @ Smashbox Cosmetics